Van Robot Earrings

Diamond, Aquamarine

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Fine Jewellery
Handmade in Italy
18kt Gold
Precious Stones

Tatiana Van Lancker designs fine jewellery pieces, handmade in Italy, from 18kt gold and precious stones.

VAN has expanded the launch collection of PINKY, SMERALDO, ROMA and AMORE VAN ROBOT PENDANTS to include VAN ROBOT EARRINGS. VAN offers a BESPOKE service for all products.

"Van Robot brings that much-needed frivolity and all-round fabulousness to your collection. Crafted in yellow gold, these weighty, tactile bijoux-bots are futuristic in design yet made according to classical Tuscan techniques. Art Deco meets sci-fi with geometric, almost architectural designs defining legs and arms that move much like that of a toy robot. They are the perfect fun stress-buster to add to your everyday attire—say hello to your new Zoom conversation starter. Better still, each Van Robot pendant can be personalised with endless precious-stone combinations and colour ways to make a piece that is 100 per cent “you”."